Our History
Grimmius Cattle Company began in 1963 by owner, Tom Grimmius.  It has been family owned and operated since its beginnings and continues in that tradition with the official partnership of Tom’s son, Randall, in 1997.  Prior to becoming an official partner, Randall had been working for Grimmius Cattle Company since the early 1980’s.

Tom has been feeding as well as buying and selling beef cattle for almost 50 years.  When Randall joined him, he added a new dimension to the business with the raising of baby calves.  Today, the majority of the business lies in the calf nursery portion.  Baby calves are picked up from area dairies at 1 day old and receive specialized care during their 4 month stay at our facility.  All custom fed animals are then returned to their dairies, while the rest are sold to feed yards around the country.

Our Story
The philosophy of Grimmius Cattle Company has always been and continues to be:  work hard, work honest, and love what you do.  While raising calves may be officially new to Grimmius Cattle Company, it is not new to the family.  Tom taught his children from an early age to be entrepreneurs by bringing in baby calves.  All four children raised calves from the time they were 10 years old through high school.  He taught them not only the responsibility of caring for life and the work ethic that accompanies that, but also the principles of economics and the value of honesty and faith in every area of life.

Calf Nursery
For more than 7 years, Grimmius Cattle Company has been raising baby calves.  Every day they arrive from local, top-notch California dairies.  These dairies must meet certain specifications and requirements before their calves will be raised at our facility.  We are looking for the progressive dairy farmer interested in calf performance and health.  The calf’s life must start in a clean environment where calf well-being is a priority.  We provide feedback to the dairies while their calves are here, which includes reports with valuable information, as well as personal consultation if needed.  We are looking for dairies who find this service valuable in order to work together better and continuously improve our businesses.

Housing & Feeding Practices
Grimmius Cattle Company acts as a nursery for the calves when they arrive.  Upon their arrival, they are placed in individual living areas.  They can be well-cared for in these apartments as they can receive specialized individual treatment.  Doctors are attentive to any needs that may arise to keep them comfortable and healthy.  For about 60 days, they remain in the individual living areas in order to bottle feed them as well as help them grow healthy and strong.  While they are housed individually, they are still able to experience community as they are alongside calves their own age.

After 60 days, they are moved to spacious corrals where they receive an ample amount of roaming area as well as lying down space.  They continue to be fed a specialized diet which is overseen by an experienced nutritionist.  Their health is overseen by a licensed veterinarian who has laid out a plan for wellness treatment.  Experienced doctors see to their care on a daily basis.

Other health and comfort issues such as dust control, shade in the summer, and waste management are carried out with the latest technology and advice from professionals in these areas.

Humane Handling
One of the most important things to Grimmius Cattle Company is the well-being of our calves.  Our calves are tended to by well-trained caretakers.  Three hundred and sixty five (365) days of the year, rain or shine, hot or cold, the caretakers are outside checking on the calves to guarantee the health and well-being of each and every calf on the ranch.

Our quality assurance programs guarantee the uniform operation of all systems including (but not limited to): identification of each animal, doctoring practices, sanitation, and environmental concerns.

We pride ourselves in top notch care as well as the latest of innovations in the agricultural industry including electronic identification for each animal.  Our facility strives to meet or exceed the stringent requirements of the air and water districts to ensure the safety of our environment.  At the same time, we work to ensure the safety and continuity of food production in the United States.

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