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Grimmius Calf Nursery

Committed to the calf.

We love raising calves. It’s our main business activity and we take it seriously. The health and well-being of calves is our top priority, and we consider it a privilege to care for our customers’ calves.

Calves are picked up daily from dairies throughout California's Central Valley.

Early life

We provide calves with access to shade, feed, and clean water at all times. All calves are fed a specialized diet formulated and overseen by a team of experienced nutritionists. Licensed veterinarians oversee vaccination and treatment protocols.

Weaned Calves

Once calves are weaned, they are moved from their apartments to open corrals. After a few months, heifer calves are sent back to the dairy they came from, and steer calves are either sold or sent to a feedyard.

We partner exclusively with progressive dairies that have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to animal health and well-being.